Are you aware that a donation from go.id could save a life ?

At https://MoneyForWater.com We firmly believe that investing in water is crucial for improving health, supporting women’s empowerment, facilitating access to education, boosting family incomes, and positively impacting lives. However, it’s disheartening to note that 1 BILLION people still don’t have access to safe water.

But don’t worry! We’re on a mission to change that. We’re dedicated to bringing water and sanitation solutions to communities all around the globe.

Together, we can make a difference!

Would you be willing to make a contribution to my fundraiser? A gift of any amount would mean the world to me.

To donate, simply click the link to my fundraiser below:


We will provide you instantly with a tax receipt.

It would also mean a lot if you could share my fundraiser link on social media.
The more exposure I get, the faster I will reach my fundraising goal.

Also, some donors asked to be able to send donations in Bitcoin so we listened .
You can now Send any amount of BTC to the following address :


I appreciate all of your support! https://MoneyForWater.com wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goal without your help.


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